Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching is a one-on-one method of conflict exploration appropriate for situations as described below. It is not therapy or counseling, but is a forward-looking process where the coach and client work together to pull apart the elements of the conflict from both perspectives, identify options and make an action plan based on the client’s goal. Coaching clients commonly experience clarity as they gain insights into their struggle and those of others involved.   

Conflict coaching is beneficial when a person is experiencing the following:

  • A conflict with someone who is not able or does not want to mediate
  • Preparing for a mediation and need more clarity on personal needs, goals and options prior to the mediation session
  • A situation from the past that the person replays in their mind wishing they had reacted differently
  • The need to have a difficult conversation but unsure as to how to handle it
  • A workplace conflict a person would like to manage more effectively
  • The desire to improve how to react and interact in interpersonal workplace relationships

The Conflict Coach

The role of the coach is not to make decisions or to provide advice, nor to act as an agent or representative, but rather to take the client through the step-by-step process aimed at keeping the client focused on reaching personal objectives.