SWCRN Sponsors
www.resolutionconsultants.com Michael Frank mfrank@resolutionconsultants.com 972.523.7214

We develop ideas for collaborative resolution to business conflicts while providing Mediation, Arbitration and Appraisal services.

At Resolution Consultants we offer a wide range of dispute resolution consulting services, all designed to help you resolve business disputes. If you're looking for a position evaluation or complete strategic plan for resolution, we can help. Experienced in Mediation, Appraisal, Arbitration and Negotiation; Resolution Consultants will be able to help you develop your strategic approach to collaboratively resolving your conflicts. Whether it be developing and implementing a dispute resolution system in your organization or conducting a specific mediation, I'd like to talk with you about your specific situation.

Working with other SWCRN members who are conflict management professionals, I am able to hear about experiences from diverse areas of dispute resolution. This networking, exposure and learning has become invaluable to me in my practice
www.pazseeker.com Rebecca Arndt paz.seeker@gmail.com  +1 903 883 5279 cell +1 972 672 8065

My mission is to help people find pathways to peaceful resolution of immediate conflict situations as well as identifying and addressing the underlying patterns which result in recurring conflict. With nine years experience mediating both civil and family disputes in the state of Texas, as well as more recently in France, I am particularly dedicated to helping families, including in cases of cross border family issues (under Hague convention or not)

I sponsor SWCRN because it is an invaluable source of information and education and a unique group made up of and serving dispute resolution professionals as well as anyone interested in alternative means of addressing conflict. The monthly presentations provide invaluable opportunities to learn, discuss, share experiences and ‘network’.